US Military Concerned by Rise of Hate Groups, Racism, Antisemitism in the Ranks


US military officials are increasingly concerned about a rise in hate groups, white supremacy, and antisemitism within the ranks of the military.

The problem has grown increasingly worrisome following last week’s far-right attack on the US Capitol, in which former members of the military were found to be involved.

Politico reports Congressman Jason Crow a retired Army officer and member of the House Armed Services Committee, saying, “There is a crisis issue: the rise of extremism and white supremacy in the ranks. That has been fueled by President Trump, unfortunately. So that has to be dealt with right away and unequivocally. That’s top of the list.”

A survey taken last year found that one-third of active soldiers and half of minority soldiers had witnessed racism and white supremacism during their service.

Among other incidents, a junior officer was recently pushed out for posting a video mocking the murder of Jews in the Holocaust.

Mark Pitcavage of the Anti-Defamation League said, “The number of extremists in the military has increased due to a higher percentage of white supremacists attempting to join the military and the development of white supremacist leanings among some currently-serving personnel.”

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