London Mayor Says Labour Party Must Act on Antisemitism


London Mayor Sadiq Khan told the British Board of Deputies, the leading Jewish organization in England, that the Labour party must act immediately on the issue of antisemitism.

Khan said he will work to see that Labour "repairs its relationship with the Jewish community," according to the Jewish Chronicle.

He called the collapse of Jewish trust in Labour "deeply disappointing."

“It pains me to my core when I hear that many Jewish people now feel that a party, that would normally be their natural home, doesn’t have their best interests at heart. And even worse, that Labour looks reluctant to tackle antisemitism from within the party itself,” he added.

Labour, he said, hasn't acted decisively against antisemitism: “It’s simply not good enough. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again tonight, the Labour party has been far too slow to act." 

“I know there’s a long way to go to heal the mistrust and hurt that’s been caused," he continued. "But the Labour leadership needs to make a concerted effort to rebuild the relationship with the Jewish community, and my pledge to you is that I will use my influence within the Labour party to ensure this happens."

Labour has been beset by antisemitism scandals since far-left Israel-hater Jeremy Corbyn seized control of the party. Polls indicate the overwhelming majority of British Jews consider Corbyn antisemitic.

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