Charedi MK Yaakov Litzman Resigns Over Rosh Hashana Closure

Ministers: Plan Is 'Insane'


In protest over the government's proposed near-total closure over the High Holy Days, Housing Minister Yaakov Litzman resigned his post on Sunday.

"My heart is with the thousands of Jews who come to synagogue once a year and this year won't come at all due to the lockdown," Litzman wrote. "I warned against a lockdown during the holidays in every possible forum and emphasized that if there is a need for a full lockdown, it should not wait for a rise of infection to get to this pace."

He said he had urged the government to carry out a closure months ago, but he was ignored.

"That is why I cannot continue to serve as a minister and I decided to resign from the government and return to the Knesset," he concluded.

Other ministers called the planned closure -- which would see businesses and schools closed, and severe restrictions on movements and gatherings limited -- "insane."

According to the Times of Israel:

Ministers speaking anonymously to Channel 12 said they would not agree to approve the proposal in its current form, decrying the damage a closure would do to the Israeli economy even as a public outcry by business owners grew, amid threats of mass rebellion against the new restrictions.

On the other hand, Interior Minister Aryeh Deri said the public should abide by the new rules.

“We are dealing with life here… God will help us, if we keep [the directives]. It is not a joke,” he said.

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