Netanyahu Agrees to Hold Likud Primary Election in Six Weeks


Facing pressure from rivals, Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu has agreed to hold party primary elections in six weeks.

Since state prosecutors charged Netanyahu in three separate cases last week, challengers within his party have sought to unseat him, none moreso than Gideon Saar, the number five on the Likud list.

On Sunday, Netanyahu sought to play down the challenge, according to the Times of Israel:

“I’m doing everything required to ensure the government’s and cabinet’s work is getting done in all the ways required to ensure the safety of Israel’s citizens,” he told a reporter. He insisted he was performing his duties “in the best possible way, out of supreme devotion to Israel’s security,” that his judgments “are substantive and my decisions have been very good.”

Netanyahu is Israel's longest-serving prime minister but charges against him have threatened his reign, giving rivals to challenge is leadership of the party.

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