Lieberman: We'll Bypass the Haredim With Unity Government


Head of the Yisrael Beiteinu party Avigdor Lieberman, who forced new elections by refusing to join Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's governing coalition, said that he will ensure that the next government is a unity coalition between his own party, Netanyahu's Likud, and the opposition Blue and White party.

The reason for doing so, he said, is to block the Haredi parties from joining the government. Lieberman had previously explained his refusal to join Netanyahu's coalition by saying he was unwilling to compromise on a law drafting Haredi yeshiva students into the IDF.

“A government will be imposed with the Likud and Blue and White parties - it will be an emergency government, a liberal-national government. We will do anything to block the ultra-Orthodox, who will not enter the government,” Lieberman told the Israeli media.

The Blue and White party has said that it will not sit in government with Netanyahu as long as he is likely to be indicted on corruption charges.

Elections will be held September 17.

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