Lieberman: Al Jazeera = Nazi Propaganda

As Israel Contemplates Banning the Network


Wading into the waters of Arab politics, Israel's defense minister said Tuesday that the Al Jazeera cable network is as bad as Nazi propaganda.

Al-Jazeera is not media, it’s not journalism. It’s an incitement machine. It’s pure propaganda, of the worst variety, in the style of Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia.

The statement comes a week after a number of Arab states, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt, cut ties with Qatar, where Al Jazeera is based. The rift is mainly about Qatar's close relationship with Iran, but could also be about economic rivalries, particularly with Saudi Arabia.

The statement comes at a time when Israel is considering a blanket ban on the network, which is seen as hopelessly biased against Israel and prone to supporting Palestinian acts of terrorism.

For example, Palestinian terrorist acts are often referred to as "military operations" while Israeli counterterror efforts are portrayed as war crimes.

According to the Times of Israel,

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened on Monday the first meeting between relevant agencies, including the Foreign Ministry, Shin Bet security service, Government Press Office and Defense Ministry, to explore the possibility of shutting the bureau. ... Preliminary staff work for the move has begun in all four agencies.

Israel maintains trade relations with Qatar, though not full diplomatic relations. The United States also has a large military base on the peninsula nation.

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