Lapid Presents New Plan for Gaza

'Economy in Exchange for Security'


The Israeli government is undertaking a change in policy toward the Gaza Strip, so long as Hamas behaves itself, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid revealed on Sunday.

Speaking at a security conference, Lapid presented what he called an “Economy in Exchange for Security” plan that would see Israel enable the prosperity of Gaza if Hamas ceases its terror activities.

The Algemeiner reports that the plan will be undertaken in two stages.

The first would involve emergency reconstruction efforts to repair Gaza’s essential infrastructure.

If Hamas ends its terrorism and comports with the first stage, the second stage would see massive international investment in enhancing Gaza’s economy through projects like building a seaport and forging economic ties with regional countries and beyond.

Lapid said “preparatory talks” have been held successfully with international officials.

“The policy that Israel has pursued to date has not fundamentally changed the situation,” Lapid said. “We need to change direction.”

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