Lapid: 'We Are Losing the Democrats'


Blue and White party co-chairman Yair Lapid warned on Wednesday night that Israel is "losing the Democrats" and support for the Jewish state is becoming a dangerous partisan issue.

Speaking at an event in Tel Aviv, Lapid said, “It has to do with two very different yet connected elements. One is the fact that Israel is not bipartisan anymore because the government has allied itself completely with the Republicans.”

“We’re losing them also for other reasons,” he said, blaming an “alarming shift in the structure of the Democratic Party.”

“Somebody asked me years ago if you were in America what would you be? And I said, I’d be a conservative Democrat. There’s no conservative Democrats anymore that we can spot. And this works against us,” he explained.

He also blamed American-Jewish alienation from Israeli policy on religion.

“It used to be that when you had a problem in American politics, you go directly to the American Jews,” Lapid said. “But the American Jews are as upset! A) They are 80 percent Democrats. B) What happened with the Kotel [Western Wall] framework and with the conversion bill is an insult. I mean, the fact that the minister of religion in this country came on the Knesset stage — I was in the hall — and said that Reform Jews are antisemites. This is unacceptable to the biggest congregation in America.”

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