Rogue Diplomacy: Kerry Meeting With Zarif to Salvage Iran Nuclear Deal


Incredibly, John Kerry continues to shill for the Iran nuclear deal.

Even more incredibly, he continues to push for the deal after he's left office and without the support or consent of the U.S. government.

Adam Kredo reports at the Free Beacon that Kerry has met with Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif "three or four times" in the last few months on the sidelines of international conferences in Europe.

"What I have done is try to elicit from him [Zarif] what Iran might be willing to do to change the dynamic of the Middle East for the better," Kerry said. "How does one resolve Yemen, what do you do to try and get peace in Syria? Those are the things that really are preoccupying him because those are the impediments to Iran's ability to convince people its ready to embrace something different."

In other words, Kerry is now working for the Europeans and the European Union against the stated policy of the United States , which is to pull out of the Iran deal and apply maximum pressure to the Iranians to change their ways.

Kerry, on the other hand, believes that the United States must bend even more to the Iranians to tempt them back to the negotiating table.

"I've been very blunt to Foreign Minister Zarif. I told him, ‘Look, you guys need to recognize the world does not appreciate what's happening with missiles, what's happening with Hezbollah, what's happening with Yemen,'" Kerry recounted. "You're supporting an ongoing struggle there."

Kerry says the Trump administration's real strategy is regime change, and that it will not lead to Iranian cooperation.

... "the United States historically has not had a great record in regime change strategies, number one, and number two that makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for any Iranian leader to sit down and negotiate anything because they're not going to do it in a capitulatory situation."

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