200 Journalists Demand More Skewed Reporting of Israel


In an Orwellian letter signed by 200 journalists, reporters from such publications as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Chicago Tribune called for even greater bias when reporting about Israel.

The journalists claim the "narrative" that prevails about Israel's conflict with the Palestinians is all wrong.

For the sake of our readers and viewers — and the truth — we have a duty to change course immediately and end this decades-long journalistic malpractice. The evidence of Israel’s systematic oppression of Palestinians is overwhelming and must no longer be sanitized.

As evidence, these propagandists point to the recent 11-day conflict between Israel and the terror group Hamas that rules the Gaza Strip.

When Israel attacked Gaza, media outlets framed it as a “conflict” between two equal entities, ignoring the total asymmetry in power. Under the guise of objectivity, rockets fired at Israel — which caused significantly less damage than Israeli airstrikes — were covered just as much as Israel attacking medical facilities and leveling entire residential buildings, clouding the nearly one-sided scale of violence and destruction.

The asymmetry in context does not just extend to the language we use; stories tend to disproportionately amplify Israeli narratives while suppressing Palestinian ones.

Too often, media outlets uncritically repeat Israeli military claims about its assault on Gaza without asking for evidence or proof, despite clear examples where Israeli officials spread false information. Journalists reported the claim from Israeli forces that they had launched a ground invasion — that was false.

The letter concludes with an appeal to journalists' "sacred" duty to report the "truth" about Israel's conflict with the Palestinians.

It apparently escapes these knuckleheads that they are nothing more than propagandists for Hamas and Islamic terrorism.

To read the full letter, click here.

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