Israel Sends a Message to Iran in Syria


According to foreign press reports, Israeli jets struck Iranian positions in Syria several times last week, including on Saturday night.

The message Israel is sending, according to Ron Ben-Yishai, is that it won't allow Iran to entrench in Syria, despite their best efforts. According to Ben-Yishai, Iran is attempting to hide its missile activity by spreading its bases across Syria.

The alleged Israeli attacks this week were conducted not only to destroy physical property but to also convey a message to the Syrian regime: As long as you protect the Iranians, you will continue to pay a high price even though Israel has no interest to directly confront the Syrian regime at the moment.

...Israel, however, is walking on thin ice. The attacks carried out so far were conducted in a way that allowed the Syrian regime to absorb them without retaliating, or as the IDF says "contain" them. But, that might change if, for instance, one day Israel receives wrong intelligence.

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