Israelis Tell US Jewish Leaders They Are Pleased with Biden, Concerned About Anti-Israel Democrats


In a series of meetings with US Jewish leaders, Israeli officials expressed positive feelings about President Joe Biden’s handling of last month’s Israel-Hamas conflict, but also concern about anti-Israel trends in the Democratic party.

The Times of Israel reports that two anonymous “executives” from major Jewish organizations said that these feelings were expressed by Israeli leaders from across the political spectrum.

“Across the board, Israeli leaders were pleasantly surprised by Biden’s handling of the Gaza conflict,” one of the executives said, while the other noted, “expectations of the Biden administration from some of the more Trump-aligned members of the government had been rather low.”

“They’ve realized that Biden is not just another Obama,” the executive said.

The Israeli leaders were nonetheless concerned about the Democratic party’s anti-Israel shift, with usual allies Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair Bob Menendez, and House Judiciary Committee chair Jerry Nadler failing to stand up for Israel against the party’s antisemitic, progressive wing.

One executive said this was partly due to their antipathy toward Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the incoming “change government” may “allow for a reset.”

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