Israel, Iran Move Warships to Red Sea


Israel and Iran, bitter enemies, have in recent days both moved war ships to the Red Sea.

Israel, in response to intelligence signaling an imminent terror attack in the south, moved two war ships to the Red Sea port of Eilat, a military spokesman said on Tuesday.

Israel had already reinforced its troop numbers and deployed other ships along its border with Egypt, in part responding to a terror attack that took the lives of 8 Israelis on Aug. 18.

According to the AP, Israel's home front minister said a team of 10 Islamic Jihad terrorists was already in Sinai waiting to strike.

“The Palestinian Islamic Jihad wants to carry out a terror attack along the Egyptian border,” Matan Vilnai told reporters. “The Egyptian border is absolutely porous. We have known this for many years.”

At the same time, Iran's government press agency said Tuesday that the Islamic Republic will also deploy naval forces in the area -- the Iranian 15th fleet which includes a submarine and warships.

Ynet reports the Iranian ships will patrol near the Gulf of Aden, located near the mouth of the Red Sea adjacent to Somalia. In a Kafkaesque twist, the Iranian government said it is deploying the ships to "convey the message of peace and friendship to all countries."

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