Israel Strikes Iranian Targets in Syria, Thwarting Drone Attack

Iran Denies: Israel Doesn't Have the Power


Israel struck Iranian targets in Syria, thwarting an Iranian plan to bomb Israel with drones.

The Israeli army said Iran planned to strike several different targets in Israel.

The nighttime strike was one of hundreds that Israel has carried out in Syria over the last few years. It comes as Israel has all but admitted to bombing Iranian targets in Iraq.

Iran rushed to deny that any of its sites had been hit.

“This is a lie and not true,” Mohsen Rezaei, of the terrorist Islamic Revolutionary Guards said, according to the Times of Israel.

“Israel and the United States do not have the power to attack Iran’s various centers, and our [military] advisory centers have not been harmed,” he claimed.

However, the usually reliable NGO the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said this was untrue.

The NGO confirmed the strike, and stated that an Iranian soldier and two terrorists from Hezbollah were killed.

“The Israeli raids targeting Iranian and Hezbollah posts … in the southeast of Damascus killed at least three people — two from Hezbollah and a third who was Iranian,” said the NGO's head Rami Abdel Rahman.

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