Has Israel Lost its Deterrence in Gaza?


Former Israeli general and security expert Amos Yadlin writes that Israel's failure to strike Hamas hard in this latest conflict is a worrying sign that the state has lost its deterrence power against the terrorist entity.

Hamas dictated when the fight began and when it ended. The terror group also got exactly what it wanted at the end of fighting -- a massive cash infusion from Qatar. Israel got four dead civilians and a disruption of civilian life.

Above all else, Israel's deterrence is shattered. Hamas is no longer fazed by the prospect of a military confrontation. A full-blown war is still feared by the militant group but that too will change.

The policy of "quiet will be answered by quiet" or "quiet in exchange for money" is no longer viable and the insistence on holding Hamas responsible for everything, is wrong.

Instead, Israel should seek to topple Hamas and replace it with a more reasonable Palestinian Authority government. The time of playing the P.A. against Hamas is over, Yadlin writes.

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