What Israel's Attack in Syria Means


Amos Yadlin, a former Israeli chief of military intelligence and top Air Force pilot, describes the significance of Israel's recent strike in Syria in the New York Times.

Yadlin says there are five messages to the attack, which destroyed a factory making missiles and chemical weapons: strategic, political, matters of credibility, freedom of military operations, and moral.

The most important may pertain to credibility.

In this specific case, the complex that was attacked was a research and production center belonging to the CERS Institute. The institute is funded mostly by Iran, utilizes Iranian technology and produces advanced long-range missiles and chemical weapons for the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah. The strike should indicate to both Tehran and Damascus that Israel is willing to take decisive action to prevent the development of long-term strategic threats.

In other words, Israel is willing to go further than it's ever gone before to protect its interests. If Iran and Syria don't respect that, there will be war.

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