Iraqis Rise Up Against Reviled Iranian Occupier


More than 200,000 Iraqis marched in Baghdad last week to protest the pernicious influence of Iran in Iraq's affairs.

So far, the Iraqi security forces have shot and killed hundreds of Iraqis, but that has not stopped the momentum of the demonstrations.

Iraqis want Iran, which controls many key government institutions, out of their country, reports the New York Times.

“All the ministries, all the civilian facilities in Iraq are run by Iran,” he said, but, “still our passports are not good in almost any country. We want to get rid of this government, we want our country back, we want an independent president.”

“When we were growing up our parents said, ‘Shut up, the walls have ears,’” said Mohammed al-Amin, a second-year medical student who was working at one of the first aid stations, treating protesters suffering from tear gas and pepper spray exposure.

“But we have internet, we have traveled. We can see what the world is like and we want a different life. We want to be like the other countries, we want our rights,” he said.

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