Iranian Hitmen on Hunt for Israelis in Turkey

Bennett: 'Our new rule: Whoever sends, pays'


Israeli defense minister Benny Gantz warned that Iranian terror cells are "hunting Israelis" in Turkey, and all citizens should leave the country.

Despite his warning, and a travel warning against visiting Turkey, many Israeli tourists are remaining.

The Iranian hitmen are attempting to identify Israelis through social media posts or to find them at large tourist attractions.

Gantz added that Israel will retaliate "in force" if Iran targets any Israeli citizen.

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Prime Minister Naftali Bennett also sounded a warning to Iran.

"We are currently witnessing Iranian attempts to attack Israelis in various overseas locations," he said.

Israel, he promised, has a "new rule: Whoever sends, pays."

"We will continue to strike those who send the terrorists, and those who send those who send them," Bennett added.

Like Gantz, the prime minister urged Israelis to leave Turkey, saying, "The danger is still great. I call on the citizens of Israel to show personal responsibility and safeguard their security."

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