Iran Admits to Stalling for Time to Improve Position at Negotiating Table


For months Iran has sped up its production of uranium while telling world powers it will "soon" return to the negotiating table.

It seems obvious that Iran is stalling only to improve its position at talks meant to curb its march toward a nuclear weapon. Now, an Iranian official has admitted as much, according to Reuters.

"Iran will eventually return to the talks in Vienna. But we are in no rush to do so because time is on our side. Our nuclear advances further every day," a senior Iranian official said on condition of anonymity.

The United States and other world powers are desperate for Iran to re-enter the 2015 JCPOA, a deal that eventually allows Iran to produce nuclear weapons while placing no curbs on its ballistic missile program. The White House in particular wants a "longer and stronger" deal but Iran has already rejected that demand. Instead, it wants more sanction relief and fewer curbs on its nuclear proliferation.

One European official told Reuters:

"They (Iran) keep saying they are going to come back to the table. But when they say soon ... it means absolutely nothing," said a senior European diplomat.

"That doesn't mean we think they don't want to come back, but we think they want their cake and to eat it. They want to create a fait accompli on the ground - technical and nuclear - and preserve the possibility of a negotiation."

He is exactly right. The only question is whether world powers will cave to Iranian pressure.

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