Iran Operating Antisemitic Social Media Campaign in US

'Hitler was right'

'Kill all Jews'


Taking a page from Vladimir Putin's playbook, Iranian state actors have pursued an active campaign to malign Jews in the United States on social media.

Time magazine reports that Iran has established so-called troll farms in which fake accounts push antisemitic conspiracy theories and hate.

During last month's war in Gaza, there was an uptick in activity, Time reports:

... within days of the conflict beginning last month in Israel and Gaza Twitter accounts linked to Iran were amplifying anti-Semitic messages in English, including the phrases “hitler was right” and “kill all jews” at a rate of 175 times per minute, according to analysis by Network Contagion Research Institute, which studies disinformation and is affiliated with Rutgers University and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). “You’ve seen tons of misinformation,” says Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO and national director of the ADL, which monitors hate speech in the U.S. “Many of them have been Tweets associated with troll armies of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

US intelligence officials say Iran was also behind efforts to tarnish former President Trump in the days before last year's election and sow social discord in the United States.

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