With New Sanctions in Place, How Will Iran React?


Sanctions that were suspended as part of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action are now back in place, thanks to the Trump administration. How Iran will react to the new sanctions, which some predict will cripple the Iranian economy, remains the question.

Michael Eisenstadt of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy says Iran has limited options:

Should sanctions cut deeply and exacerbate ongoing domestic unrest, Iran will face a choice: agree to a new round of negotiations with the United States in which it offers concessions in return for sanctions relief, or undertake various destabilizing activities—violating JCPOA limits, intensifying proxy attacks on U.S. allies, or even conducting proxy operations against U.S. interests and personnel—so that it can re-engage Washington from a position of strength. If hardliners in Tehran win the day, destabilization efforts could even include waging a low-level, open-ended struggle to oust the United States from the region.

Eisenstadt says the U.S. should act prudently but forcefully to force Iran back to the negotiating table, this time to truly end its nuclear program.

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