Iran Halts Curbs on Enrichment in Partial Pullout from Nuclear Deal

Netanyahu: 'We will not let Iran get nuclear weapons'


Iran says it will keep its excess uranium and heavy water in a partial pullout from the 2015 nuclear deal.

Iran made the announcement on the one-year anniversary of the United States' pullout from the deal. Iran has given European nations 60 days to improve the terms of the current deal or it will resume high-level enrichment of uranium.

The United States has also sent an aircraft carrier strike group to the Persian Gulf in what was called an "unmistakable message" to Iran. The U.S. has also reimposed other sanctions on Iran, pressuring the government.

Shortly after the news became public, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated Israel's determination to prevent Iran from going nuclear.

"This morning, on my way here, I heard that Iran intends to continue its nuclear program," he said at a Memorial Day ceremony. "We will not let Iran get nuclear weapons."

"We will continue to fight our enemies, and will strike our roots even deeper in our homeland," he pledged. "That is what our heroes did at the dawn of the nations' rebirth, and we march in their path."

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