IAEA: Iran’s Uranium Stockpile Is 12 Times Nuclear Accord’s Limit


Iran's enriched uranium stockpile far exceeds the limits of the 2015 nuclear deal, the Wall Street Journal reports.

In its latest quarterly report, sent to member states and seen by The Wall Street Journal, the International Atomic Energy Agency said Iran had now accumulated a low-enriched uranium stockpile of 2,443 kilograms. That compares with a limit of 203 kg under the nuclear deal.

Iran has now produced enough uranium to equip two nuclear bombs. The report also said that Iran is installing advanced centrifuges that would allow it to produce uranium more quickly.

Among the more important changes was Iran’s decision to install a first group of so-called IR-2M centrifuges at its underground enrichment site at the Natanz facility, breaching one of the nuclear deal’s terms.

The IR-2M machines are the only more-advanced centrifuges Tehran has successfully deployed, and Tehran had already said it was intending to place up to three cascades of the machines underground. However, the machines aren’t yet being fed with uranium, the IAEA reported.

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