Experts: Iran One Month Away From Producing Bomb-Grade Fuel


In one month, Iran could produce enough nuclear material to construct its first nuclear weapon.

That is the conclusion of the Institute for Science and International Security, a group that monitors Iran's nuclear work. On the basis of the last report from the International Atomic Energy Agency, nuclear experts at the group conclude:

a race over the summer to enrich uranium at 60 percent purity — just below bomb grade — has put Iran in a position to produce the fuel for a single bomb in “as short as one month.” A second weapon’s worth of fuel, it says, could be produced in less than three months, and a third in less than five.

Even if Iran were to achieve that technical milestone, however, the leading sponsor of global terror would still need to convert that fuel into nuclear metal and build a nuclear warhead. Those steps, depending on the expertise of Iranian nuclear scientists, could take months or years.

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