Iran Four to Six Weeks Away From Nuclear Breakout


As nuclear talks resume in Vienna, experts say Iran is four to six weeks away from creating enough fissile material for a nuclear weapon.

But Iran would still need at least two years to develop the technology needed to weaponize the bomb and place it on top of a missile.

"[Iran's nuclear] progress is so significant that it's essentially impossible to turn back the clock in its nuclear program to the point it was two or three years ago," a senior Israeli official said. "There's an accumulation of knowledge that cannot be erased. For example, they now know how to enrich uranium to 60% level. This isn't something that can be reversed. They are also enriching uranium intensively, which they didn't do before. They have accumulated assets."

In recent days, Iranian negotiators have indicated that a return to the 2015 JCPOA will only be possible if world powers drop all sanctions. Iran has also stonewalled the United Nations' nuclear watchdog agency, preventing it from gaining access to key sites.

Israel has warned the United States and Great Britain against making concessions to Tehran in this seventh round of talks. Even Western diplomats acknowledge that Iran is simply playing for time and has no intention of coming to an agreement.

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