Another Day, Another Mockery: Iran Says New Generation of Centrifuges Even Faster; Can Take Up Uranium Production Again 'in Hours'


Iran keeps reminding the world that they agreed to almost nothing in the "historic" nuclear deal reached in Geneva in November.

But that's because there's nothing for the West to say. All that Iran is claiming is true: world powers gave Iran everything in Geneva. The right to enrich uranium, the right not to dismantle its nuclear program, the right to continue research on its nuclear weapons program, the right to continue "research" at the plutonium-producing Arak heavy water plant.

Here's how Ail-Akbar Salehi, head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization, described the situation in a recent interview.

Interviewer: The United States says that it has managed to dismantle at least parts of Iran's nuclear program. What do you say to that?

Ali-Akbar Salehi: Well, you can come and see whether our nuclear sites, nuclear equipment, and nuclear facilities are dismantled or not. The only thing that we have stopped and suspended and that was voluntarily is the production of 20% enriched uranium. That's it.

The nuclear facilities are functioning, and our enrichment is proceeding. It is doing its work, it is producing the 5% enriched uranium, and those centrifuges that stopped producing the 20% will be producing 5% enriched uranium. In other words, our production of 5% will increase, and the entire nuclear activity of Iran is going on. [...]

The best part of this Joint Action Plan is the research part. It is so clear that R&D has no constraint.

Moreover, Salehi said that Iran could take up enriching over 20 percent in "hours" if it chose to.

Interviewer: If President Barack Obama is defeated by pro-Israeli lobbies in the Congress the likes of Bob Menendez and Mark Kirk and the United States decides to violate the terms of the Geneva deal, how long will it take, technically speaking, for Iran to get back on track?

Ali-Akbar Salehi: A few hours.

Interviewer: Will we do that?

Ali-Akbar Salehi: Well, if we need to produce 20% - yes, we will do it.

In addition, Iran announced today that it's new generation of centrifuges are 15 times more powerful than before.

In other words, Geneva produced worse than nothing. It gave Iran cover to continue its activities under the cloak of diplomacy. Nice job, Mr. President.

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