Revealed: Iranian Drone Carried

Explosives to Attack Israeli Target


In a shock revelation, the IDF announced that an Iranian drone shot down in February was fully armed with explosives in an apparent Iranian plot to attack an Israeli target, the Times of Israel reported.

The drone was shot down in Israeli airspace. It was assumed to be a deliberate provocation by Iran, but not an actual attempt at an attack.

However, the IDF stated on Friday,

An analysis of the flight path and operational and intelligence research performed on parts of the Iranian UAV that entered our territory on February 10 shows it carried explosive material and its mission was to carry out a destructive operation.

The drone’s interception by attack helicopters thwarted the attack and the Iranian intention to carry out an operation on our territory.

The target of the attack apparently remains unknown.

Last Monday, the Israeli air force struck an airbase in Syria believed to house the control base for the drone. The strike reportedly destroyed the entire control system at the site.

Israel has repeatedly stated that it will not allow an Iranian military buildup in Syria that could threaten its borders.

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