Iran Cutting Breakout Time to Two Months

E.U. Actually Gets a Spine, Warns Iran to Stop


Olli Heinonen, a former officials with the International Atomic Energy Agency, says Iran has cut its enrichment time to two months.

That estimate comes after Iran announced Sunday it would begin enriching uranium to five percent, a move confirmed by the international agency. According to the Jerusalem Post:

To have nuclear power reactor grade uranium, it takes 800-900 SWU to achieve 4%-5% enrichment. “If you want to have weapons grade material, 1,300 SWU is needed,” Heinonen stated. “In other words, when you have reached the 4% enrichment level, you have already done (800/1,300 SWU) 60% of the enrichment effort required to have weapons grade material.” 

Heinonen said Iran could further cut the time required to build a nuclear weapon by installing advanced centrifuges, devices that were shelved as part of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

In response, the E.U. actually managed to stand up to Iran for the first time in a decade, warning the genocidal Islamic republic,

We continue to urge Iran not take further measures that undermine the nuclear deal to stop and to reverse all activities that are inconsistent with the JCPOA, including the production of low-enriched uranium.

The E.U. did not specify what it would do if Iran does not heed the warning, which of course it will not. Given the organization's consistently capitulationist policy toward the theocratic dictatorship, effective action is highly unlikely.

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