Iran at the Door


Thanks, Obama.

The former president wanted Iran to be a "successful regional power" and, true to his dreams, Iran has now encamped itself on Israel's borders in the Golan Heights.

Avi Issacharoff writes that this is a dangerous moment, and one that Israel can't do much about:

Nasrallah and his organization are turning Syria into Hezbollah’s backyard as part of Iran’s campaign to create a Shi’ite crescent between Tehran and the Mediterranean Sea. For Israel, this means that Hezbollah, together with Iran, will be able to set up a local Shi’ite army in Syria or on the Syrian Golan Heights — an army that will operate against Israeli targets without making Lebanon pay the price.

Further, the U.S. war against ISIS is in the end helping Iran.

the Americans already know what the catch is: By fighting against Islamic State, they are enabling the axis of Russia, Assad, Iran, and Hezbollah to gain strength, establish their control, and even have the leisure to fight the US and the moderate Syrian opposition for territory that IS will be giving up in the future.

So where does that leave Israel? There was a report last week that Jerusalem intends to set up its own army in south Syria, much like the South Lebanon Army of years past. In the end, Obama has his dream. Iran is indeed a regional power, one that threatens Israel militarily.

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