Inside Iran's Plot to Attack Saudi Arabia


Iranian officials planned a September attack on a Saudi oil installation for months and considered targeting U.S. Army bases as well.

A Reuters special report finds that the Iranian leadership targeted the Saudi oil fields in order to punish the United States for withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear deal. Ultimately, the leadership agreed on a plan that would not provoke a massive U.S. response. Reuters spoke to three Iranians officials familiar with the meetings.

A Middle East source, who was briefed by a country investigating the attack, said the launch site was the Ahvaz air base in southwest Iran. That account matched those of three U.S. officials and two other people who spoke to Reuters: a Western intelligence official and a Western source based in the Middle East.

One of the officials who spoke with Reuters said Tehran was delighted with the outcome of the operation: Iran had landed a painful blow on Saudi Arabia and thumbed its nose at the United States.

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