House Committee Unanimously Passes Anti-BDS Law


The House Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously passed an anti-BDS law, sending it to a vote by the full House.

The Israel Anti-Boycott Act prohibits makes participation in anti-Israel boycotts illegal for U.S. companies.

According to the Times of Israel, Committee chairman Ed Royce said, "US companies from participating in boycotts promoted by international organizations, like the UN, that target US partners, like Israel."

Representative Eliot Engel, a ranking Democrat on the Committee defended the law against leftist and anti-Israel groups who have criticized it as an infringement on free speech.

"Current law already prohibits US companies from participating in state-sponsored boycotts of countries friendly to the United States,” he said.

"This legislation simply adds boycotts by international government organizations to that law," he added. "This bill does not infringe on free speech. It makes it clear that this prohibition only applies when a person is acting in an official capacity and if the intent was to comply with the international government organization’s boycott. Individual, personal speech remains protected. Period."

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