Princeton Hillel Bans Israel's

Deputy Foreign Minister


Princeton's Hillel chapter is facing a storm of controversy after canceling a speech by Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely.

The speech was axed after a coalition of far-Left groups slammed Hotovely, saying in a joint letter,

Hotovely’s work causes irreparable damage to the prospects of a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She has stated her opposition to a Palestinian state and has made it her mission to expand settlement construction in the West Bank.

Hotovely hit back by calling the move symptomatic of a "liberal dictatorship" on campus and "silencing the voice of Israeli democracy."

By canceling this lecture, you are infringing on the fundamental academic freedom of the students. You are denying the basic freedom of students to hear different points of views, to question, challenge and think for themselves.

Prominent Jewish-American lawyer and activist Alan Dershowitz agreed, saying,

This is outrageous censorship. It suggests that the students lack the ability to assess a speaker’s ideas and need a committee to tell them who they can listen to.

Princeton's Chabad chapter stepped in and will be hosting Hotovely's speech instead.

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