Shin Bet Busts Hezbollah Terror Cell in Israel


Israel’s domestic security agency the Shin Bet exposed an attempt by Hezbollah to recruit Israeli Arabs to commit terror attacks.

The Hezbollah cell was busted on June 6. Two Israelis from an Arab town in the country’s north were arrested, the Jerusalem Post reports.

The investigation found that a female Israeli citizen, Beirut Hamud, from Majdal Krum currently living in Lebanon with her husband Bilal Bizari has been operating on behalf of Hezbollah. Hamud, who works as a journalist for the Al-Ahkbar newspaper affiliated with the terror group and as part of their work for Hezbollah recruits Israeli citizens to work for the group.

Hamud attempted to recruit two Israeli-Arab women in Turkey. The two are currently released on restricted conditions.

“The Shin Bet will continue to work resolutely to monitor and thwart any espionage or terror activities by Hezbollah,” the agency said, and noted “the great severity attributed to the exploitation of Israeli citizenship in aid of terrorist and espionage activities.”

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