He'll Be Here

Official denies Obama will cancel Israel visit if no government is formed


According to Israel Hayom, President Barack Obama will be coming to Israel no matter what. This contradicts previous reports that Obama would cancel his visit if a new Israel government is not formed soon.

Israel Hayom cites an anonymous "American official" as their source. The source told the paper that Obama would be coming even if coalition talks fail "because Obama's intended audience during his upcoming trip is the Israeli public, not the government."

Obama, the official claims, has learned from his previous mistakes, and now thinks that distancing himself from Israel made the peace process more difficult.

The president is described as "not pleased about the low level of support Obama has among the Israeli public" and is jealous of "the enthusiastic receptions Bill Clinton received during his four visits to Israel as president."

There is no guarantee that a new government will be in place by the time of Obama's visit. Should talks fail, Obama may be arriving at the beginning of a new election campaign.

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