Helen Thomas Honored… by the PLO!

Former White House Reporter Awarded for Being Friend to Palestinians


Helen Thomas, who covered the White House for 50 years before being forced to resign over anti-Semitic comments, can add another distinction to her resume, reports Haartez.

The Lebanese-American reporter was honored by the Palestinian Authority on Sunday for her, “long career in the field of journalism, during which she defended the Palestinian position every step of the way.”

Perhaps the most famous member of the White House press corps, Thomas was forced to resign in 2010 after she said to a reporter on camera regarding the Jews in Israel, “tell them that they need to get out of Palestine, and return home to Germany, Poland, and America.”

Despite her outrageous comments, dozens of diplomats and journalists – clearly suffering from short term memory loss - attended the event in Thomas’ honor at the Palestine Liberation Organization General Mission to the U.S. in Washington.

According to the Washington PLO office’s statement, the award was presented to Thomas, “with the appreciation and blessing of the president and the Palestinian people, for all of her actions supporting Palestine in the West.”

A few months ago Thomas broke her two year silence on her anti-Semitic comments and her early retirement, for which she blamed the Zionists, telling CNN, “everything is distorted… You have organized lobbyists in favor of Israel. You can’t open your mouth. I can call the president of the U.S. anything in the book, but you say one thing about Israel and you’re off limits.”

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