Hamas Already Undermining Truce

Genocidal terrorist group claims it is still permitted to smuggle weapons


Less than a week after agreeing to a ceasefire with Israel, the genocidal terrorist group Hamas is already undermining the fragile truce.

Despite understandings between the parties, Hamas is claiming that it still has the right to smuggle arms into Gaza. To justify itself, it is demanding that Israel end its blockade of Gaza, which was never a part of the ceasefire agreement.

Israel agreed to the truce in hopes of achieving long-term calm and an end to missile attacks on southern Israel. Hamas appears determined to use it in order to rearm in preparation for a resumption of terror attacks on Israel.

In addition, it is likely that Hamas is trying to further humiliate Israel and make the Jewish state look helpless. This would reinforce what Hamas already sees as a strategic victory.

A news report indicates Sunday that Israel has already spotted an Iranian ship laden with arms headed for its Hamas allies. Ynet reports that Israeli military officials say they will not hesitate to destroy the ship if it nears the Gaza enclave.

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