All Hail for Nikki


Nikki Haley was a true friend of Israel and a staunch defender of United States' interests at the United Nations, writes Jonathan Tobin at JNS.

She was willing to stand up to members of the world body and speak a truth that few wanted to hear, Tobin writes.

She didn’t just talk back to terrorists and dictators, telling them that she would be “taking names” of countries that get U.S. aid but oppose America when it comes time to vote at the world body.

She also worked hard at persuading and charming—at least, as far as it is possible to persuade and charm the diplomatic corps—other nations to back the United States. She didn’t just decry the United Nations. She engaged in successful attempts to reform its budget and to pass resolutions that assisted U.S. efforts to prevent nuclear proliferation. In other words, she didn’t arrive in New York to kowtow to the establishment or to engage in war with its members. Her goal was to change the tone at the United Nations, even as she held it accountable.

She will be sorely missed.

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