Haley: If Biden Wins, All Progress in Middle East Will Be Lost


Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. and staunch supporter of Israel Nikki Haley warned that if Joe Biden is elected, all progress in confronting Iran and supporting Israel will be lost, the Jerusalem Post reports.

“For all the progress that we made in terms of Israel – in terms of the Middle East, in terms of really having a voice for America and Israel – I hate the thought that if Biden comes in, all of that goes away, because they're going to go back and try and get back into the Iran deal,” Haley told the Republican Jewish Coalition.

“Look at the difference between Joe Biden and President Trump,” she said. “Who is the person that moved the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? Who is the person that pulled out of the Iran deal? Who's the person that allowed me to call out Hamas for the first time in the UN?”

“Are you willing to give up to Biden, who's moving closer and closer to [Democrats Rep. Ilhan] Omar and to Bernie [Sanders], to make his foreign policy and domestic policy decisions?” she asked.

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