Top American Pro-Israel Group Collapses


A top American pro-Israel group has collapsed, the Times of Israel reports.

According to the report, The Israel Project, long a leading group promoting fair media coverage of Israel and other forms of advocacy, has laid off its staff and closed its doors.

The move comes shortly after the sudden resignation of the group's CEO, Josh Block, who said the organization was having serious problems with fundraising in the current partisan climate in the U.S.

Chairman of the group Allan Myer denied the report, telling the JTA in an email, “From the reports I’ve heard, much of what is being said is premature, to say the least.”

“Our Board of Directors is meeting tomorrow to discuss the situation," he added. "There are a number of options and considerations that will be discussed, including staffing, finances and the future of the Israel office of the organization."

"The best I can say is … stay tuned,” said Myer.

Among other efforts, The Israel Project brought officials and journalists to see areas of Israel under terrorist attacks, arranged meetings with Israeli leaders, and generally promoted a more positive image of the Jewish state in the media.

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