Ceasefire -- for Now


After four days of fighting, Israel and Gaza's rulers have agreed on a ceasefire. The fighting left four Israeli civilians dead, while 23 died on the Palestinian side. It was the worst outbreak of violence since the 2014 Gaza War.

Egypt mediated the truce, but it will only be temporary. Anytime Hamas and Islamic Jihad want something, any time they want to win a concession, they know precisely what to do: start firing rockets at Israeli civilians. After counter strikes by the IDF and further escalation the two sides will eventually come to a compromise.

So has the cycle played out since Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007. Israel does not want to recapture the territory and Hamas wants to make it a launching pad for attacks on Israel. Therefore, Hamas has the upper hand. The cycle will continue until Israel makes a firm decision to topple Hamas' rulers and bring quiet to the south. Israel's citizens deserve no less.

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