The Confirmation Crucible

Trump's nominee for ambassador to Israel faces

hecklers, tough grilling at confirmation hearing


President Donald Trump's nominee for ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, faced a tough grilling at his confirmation hearing, including hecklers and an apology for his attacks on Leftist Jews.

Before the hearing began, an anti-Israel demonstrator shouted, "Palestinians will always be in Palestine!" until he was removed by security.

Friedman faced pointed questions about an article he wrote in which he called Left-wing Jewish group JStreet worse than "kapos" - Jews who collaborated with the Nazis.

Ben Cardin, a senior Democratic senator, expressed his concern about Friedman's Right-wing views, saying,

I have questions about your preparedness for this important post. I am uncertain of how you will represent all Americans to all Israelis and whether you are committed to a longstanding US policy to a two-state solution.

Leading Republican Lindsey Graham, however, was more dangerous, stating, "I believe he is the right guy at the right time. He'll be Trump's voice."

Friedman is expected to be confirmed.

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