French Jews Demand Extradition of Palestinian Terrorists


France's Jews are demanding the extradition of three mass-murdering Palestinian terrorists who killed six people in a Paris attack 35 years ago.

The attack on a kosher delicatessen was the worst attack on French Jews since World War II. Two of the victims were American citizens.

According to the Times of Israel, the three suspects live in Jordan, the West Bank, and Norway. Previous requests for extradition have all been refused.

The French Jewish umbrella organization CRIF is demanding that a 2015 arrest warrant for the racist murderers finally be honored.

CRIF's President Francis Kalifat also blamed France itself for the failure to arrest the terrorists.

"We can only regret that France agrees to this situation and has not even complained about it to the Palestinian Authority, which is home to Mahmoud Kader Abed, also known as Hisham Harb, who was the main figure responsible for the attack," he said.

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