Florida Hispanics Inundated with Election Antisemitism


Horrifying antisemitic messages are being sent to Florida Hispanics in what appears to be part of the presidential election campaign.

Politico reports that among the claims being made are that left-wing Jewish billionaire George Soros is “the world’s biggest puppet master” who runs a massive “deep state” conspiracy – a frequent far-right claim.

It was also claimed that if Joe Biden wins, American will be controlled by “Jews and Blacks.”

Pollster Eduardo Gamarra said that the propaganda “has had an effect.”

“The polling sort of shows it and in focus groups it shows up, with people deeply questioning the Democrats, and referring to the ‘deep state’ in particular — that there’s a real conspiracy against the president from the inside,” he said.

The conspiracy theories are being spread mainly online and via social media apps in the Spanish language.

An editor of a major Spanish-language newspaper was forced to apologize after running an ad that spewed antisemitism.

“What kind of people are these Jews?” said the ad. “They're always talking about the Holocaust, but have they already forgotten Kristallnacht, when Nazi thugs rampaged through Jewish shops all over Germany? So do the BLM and Antifa, only the Nazis didn't steal; they only destroyed.”

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