Last American Member of Exodus Crew Dies at 91


The last American survivor of the crew of the "Exodus 1947," the ship that famously tried to bring Jewish Holocaust survivors to then-Palestine despite a ban by the ruling British Mandate, has died at 91.

Samuel Schulman passed away in Richmond, Virginia on Friday. He was active in the "illegal" aliyah of Jewish refugees to their homeland, serving on the Exodus and other ships.

The Exodus became a focus of media attention and helped shift world opinion in favor of the creation of a Jewish state. The bestselling book and hit film Exodus were based on the story.

According to the Times of Israel, Schulman was born in Terra Haute, Indiana, but was partially raised in Warsaw and Paris, from which his family fled in 1942. They survived the rest of the war in hiding.

He later immigrated to New York, where he made contact with Zionist activists, which led to his involvement with the aliyah issue.

Schulman later helped establish a kibbutz in southern Israel, moved back to the U.S., and ran a jewelry business.

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