Obama's Buddy: No One Has the Right to Attack Iran


Close on the heels of a meeting with the U.S. president, Turkey's leader said that "no one has the right to attack Iran."

The comments were made after a meeting with Iran's vice president in Tehran.

“No one has the right to use force against a country whose nuclear capabilities are used for peaceful purposes,” he said. “Anyone who has common sense opposes the use of nuclear power as a weapon, but at the same time, nuclear activity for peaceful purposes should not be opposed.”

Erdogan arrived in Tehran on Wednesday from a trip to South Korea, where he met with President Barack Obama during a nuclear security summit.

The White House has warned Israel publicly that a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities would be premature. Israel, feeling an existential threat, is reportedly preparing for a military attack if Iran does not stand down in its drive toward a nuclear weapon.

Obama advisors say the U.S. president has forged a close relationship with the Turkish president, making his comments all the more telling.

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