Former Counter-Terrorism Official Fears Election Violence Against Jews

Photo: Anthony Crider


A former US anti-terrorism official expressed concern that the upcoming presidential election could spark white supremacist and far-right violence against Jews.

Ryan Greer, who now works for the ADL, told JTA that “We’re not necessarily predicting that there will be a civil war, but we are very concerned that there will be some violent acts.”

 “As the conspiracy theories become more urgent, many of them may be directed toward Jews,” he said.

Greer added, “We’re worried about everything from simple tactics to vehicle rammings, which we have continued to see deployed across the country in protests and basic civil gatherings, to active threat events.”

Fearing an attempt by fringe far-right groups to launch a domestic insurgency if Trump loses, he added, “There can be a compounded threat both because of the concern about the potential for violence around election-related sites, compounded with the fact they are also Jewish institutions and organizations, which may increase their attractiveness as a target for some individuals.”

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