The Man Who Captured Eichmann Dies at 93


Rafi Eitan, the legendary Israeli spymaster who masterminded the capture of escaped Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann, has died at 93.

As a Mossad agent, Eitan led the team that tracked Eichmann to his hiding place in Argentina and captured him while the architect of the Holocaust was walking home.

Eichmann was brought to Israel and stood trial in a proceeding that captured the attention of the world. He was found guilty and hanged for crimes against humanity and crimes against the Jewish people. He remains the only man to ever receive the death penalty in Israel.

Many years later, Eitan revealed that he had secretly brought a handgun with him on the operation to capture Eichmann, and if something had gone wrong, he would have seen to it that the war criminal did not escape alive.

Later in life, Eitan formed the Gil party and served as a government minister.

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