Knesset Speaker Edelstein Resigns, Blasts High Court Ruling


In a shocking move, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein resigned from his post on Wednesday, blasting a High Court ruling, and preventing a vote on his successor.

The court had ruled that Edelstein must allow the Knesset to choose a new speaker. With the Blue and White coalition commanding a majority (including the Arab parties) Edelstein was sure to lose. But Edelstein argued that it was normal for a speaker to remain in his post after an election to allow the various parties to work out a coalition agreement. Before he resigned, he made the following comments, according to the Jerusalem Post.

"The Supreme Court's decision is not based on law but on one-sided, extreme analysis," Edelstein said. "The court's decision contradicts the bylaws of the Knesset. The court decision destroys the work of the Knesset. The court's decision is gross interference by the judicial branch in the elected legislative branch. The court decision harms the sovereignty of the nation and the Knesset in an unprecedented manner. The court decision undermines the base of Israeli democracy."

The High Court has often been criticized as a bastion of the left-wing and legislators have tried in the past to limit its power.

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