White House to Launch Middle East Peace Plan With Regional 'Economic Workshop'


The White House will launch its long-anticipated Middle East peace plan with a regional "economic workshop," CNN reports.

The workshop, to be held in Bahrain, will deal with improving the infrastructure and economy of the West Bank and Gaza. According to an unnamed official, it will work with a "combination of grant money, low interest loans and then also private capital."

It will not deal with the major political and security issues facing Israel and the Palestinians. Another official said, "We recognize that this needs to go hand in hand with the political plan, but this will be the first chance to roll out details of the economic plan."

Trump adviser and point man on the peace push Jared Kushner, said of the workshop, "People are letting their grandfathers' conflict destroy their children's futures. This will present an exciting, realistic and viable pathway forward that does not currently exist."

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