NY Times Queries Dem Candidates on Israel's Human Rights Record


The New York Times queried the multitude of Democratic presidential candidates on Israel's human rights record, with most offering at best equivocal answers.

The video interviews included all the candidates, major and minor, except for former vice president Joe Biden, who is leading in the polls.

The Times asked whether "Israel meets international standards of human rights."

Far-left Senator Bernie Sanders, who has surrounded himself with anti-Israel and antisemitic aides like James Zogby, said, "I have great concerns about the role that Netanyahu is playing."

"The role of the United States is to work with all of the entities in the region, including the Palestinians, and to do that in an even-handed way." he added.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said, "Israel doesn’t work to ensure human rights. ... The current Israeli government has made a lot of mistakes that have hindered the peace process."

Mayor Pete Buttigieg called Israel's human rights record "problematic and moving in the wrong direction under the current right-wing government."

"I’m very worried, especially with the latest talk of annexation of the West Bank, that their government is moving away from peace in a way that is damaging in the long run to Israel and the Palestinians, and for that matter, American interests," he added.

Senator Cory Booker, once a strong supporter of Israel, said he would "affirm the dignity and self-determination of the Palestinian people" and implied Israel does not respect human rights, saying, "We can get back to the kind of policies that affirm the two-state solution, affirm human rights."

Beto O'Rourke said that Israel "could to a better job" of protecting human rights.

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